Customer Service

Customer Service


Service commitment

Service system

Good service tenet: customer satisfaction first

Good service guarantee: strict compliance with national "three packs of" the provisions of

Handsome convenient service: service network covering the whole country, to provide door-to-door service

Customer advisory services: answer customer for products and services relevant consultation, accepting all product repair, resolve customer service complaints.

Customer feedback process: 2 working days to resolve or explicit solutions are presented

Service quality assurance: calls to all installation, repair services

Good service product related rules:

1, under normal circumstances (not including man-made improper use), mechanical products (switch, socket) is guaranteed for 10 years, electronic products is guaranteed for one year, the electrical terminal class is guaranteed for two years.

2, after finding the problem, contact with the local dealer or office as soon as possible.

3, the warranty time period from the date of purchase, replacement shall be replaced by the related bills