New Junon·New Sailing|Congratulations on the completion of the Baixuan electric logistics warehouse and the success of the Junon distributors appreciation meeting
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On December 10, 2015, "the opening ceremony of Baixuan appiance logistics warehouse and the meeting of Junon distributors " kicked off in the fresh sunshine in Yangjiang. More than 800 people attended the celebration, the scene order amount to 3.05 million, this numbers is carrying countless people's efforts and will inspire every Junon team members, and all partners go hand in hand to create a next brilliance!

Show before the meeting
At 2 pm to 4 pm, after the signature, guests can have free activities. They knew about interested product in Junon sample area to communicate, negotiate and order. The scene was full of excitement. That means the Junon team new strategic positioning of "new Junon, new sailing" is fully recognized by the market.


The release conference
At 4 PM, "Baixuan electrical appliances logistics warehouse opening ceremony and Junon distributors appreciation meeting” release conference in Yangjiang started on time. Baixuan and Junon company respectively played the company promotion, Guangdong Junon Songtian co., LTD., chairman, marketing general manager - Mr Lu Yijiang said: " Since 1983 Junon company set up, we have been through 32 years, trials and hardships, all the way across the pace of innovation constantly make Junon won his own position in the market, Junon dream, innovation, with pragmatic spirit to write their own magnificent chapter." Junon has such a splendid day without the support of Baixuan appliances. Junon and Baixuan had cooperated with each other since 2007, agreedwith each other, agreed with each other, and moved forward step by step to today. Junon today's achievement can’t leave from Yangjiang this blessed land, with the support of the masses of Yangjiang distributors, Junon brand also gradually grow in Yangjiang, at the same time, Yangjiang model market has become a focus of Junon company.
Lu's speech not only inspired the hearts of the people, but also inspired the spirit of all the colleagues in the team.

After a brief rest, around 6:30 pm, the dinner began with water dance, 800 people immediately became active. After a rousing speech, the meeting was officially started. The dinner was mainly composed of lottery and dance performances. The dances, which dancing out of today's bright, dancing out of hope, dancing out of a splendid future! As the lottery winners were announced, the atmosphere of the dinner was gradually brought to a climax, and the partners gathered together for a memorable evening.
Until all the activities were successfully completed, Guangdong Junon Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. made a record of 305,000 orders at the scene, which can be seen in the recognition of the company. The numbers is carrying countless people's efforts and will inspire every Junon team members, and all partners go hand in hand to create a next brilliance!

Moving forward, looking back to Junon's footprint, shallow overflow of happiness, deep precipitation years. This is not the end, this is just another monument. We take steps to win the future. NewJunon, new sailing, Junon with you join hands together, open happiness, illuminate home.