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Brand strategy:
Logo Interpretation
JUNON’s Logo is composed by three parts.

A.A decent, capable electrician is a representation of our employees which of whom is honest, dedicated to work, looking for the best to our customers.The smooth design of our logo is aim to make it easier for our customers to memorize and have a positive impression; at the same time, we believe thatwiththis logo, we can shorten the distance with our customers.

B.The English version of our logo has embedded the conception of so called “eave”; it reinforced our corporation's position in this line of business, we have a positive attitude towards life, and we focus on the details of our products.

C.The Chinese version of our logo emphasized our principal of production, it’s representing our reliable, supreme quality.

Brand Positioning


S stand for strategy: a completed marketing strategy is a halfway to success.

O stand for optimization, whereas the pursuing ofthe perfectness is our ultimate goal, by dedication to our research and via consistence, we will be able to introduce our brand to the rest of the world.

U stand for utility,whereas we would like to maximize the efficiency of our product and cut down the cost of your company.

L stand for lifestyle, of which, we are committed to satisfy your needs, through our electronic switch, LED light, and other electronic products.

A complete set of smart lightening control system will give youa convenient and wonderful lifestyle.

Brand Slogan
开启幸福 ,照亮家


Brand Prospect

We continuously innovate and surpass,strive to provide better life quality to our customer.
Looking to the future, we will keep our mind to be become a first-class enterprise and uphold integrity management, work closely and stay together with our dealers and agency, achieve win-win trade with trust and support.